5 Things that have changed with Home Loan Modifications

It is a whole new ballgame with the Obama administration and the treasury department making the new affordable home loans available. It will give homeowners who previously would not qualify for a home loan modification a chance to get their principle and interest lowered. These are the 5 basic differences in the loan modification programs:

• You do not have to be in default to apply: This plan was targeted for those who have diligently tried to keep up with their mortgage payments despite financial difficulty. In the past loan modification guidelines you had to be 3 months in arrears before you would qualify for a loan modification. This is almost the exact opposite of the guidelines of the old programs.

• You do not have to get your loan modification through the same company with which you signed the original loan papers. So far, 6 major financial institutions have signed up to be involved in the new program and more are expected. You can go to any financial institution which follows the new White House guidelines to obtain a home loan modification.

Home Loan Modifications

• You can apply if you owe more than the house is worth. You end up with lower payments and even if you owe more than the house is worth, you still qualify for the program. This is also directly opposite of the old guidelines where you could not obtain loans if your home’s value had gone down. In the current market, most property and home values have decreased which puts more people in jeopardy of foreclosure. With the new program, home value is not an issue and you can still qualify for a loan. Continue reading